Air Con

Air Conditioning is a great way to control the temperature, movement, humidity and cleanliness of air inside a building. 

It will cool in the summer months and heat in the winter, providing all year round climate control. There is a vast range of commercial systems available, so expert and independent advice from our engineers is essential.

Design, Installation and Commissioning.

NJR can carry out the Design, Installation and Commissioning of a wide variety of projects. We are able to provide cooling, heating and ventilation solutions for every type of premises from commercial applications to computer server rooms or domestic comfort cooling. 
We take time to evaluate as many options as possible so we can meet the customer’s needs and also remain cost effective. All site visits and quotations are provided free of charge and without obligation.

Service and Repair.

NJR carries out service and repair on all makes of Air Conditioning equipment whether it is one of our original installations or an installation carried out by a third party.

Our preventative routine Maintenance Contracts are tailored to ensure your air conditioning is always running at maximum efficiency. This service will help avoid unexpected breakdowns, costly repairs and ensures your air conditioning equipment is energy efficient producing the smallest possible carbon footprint.

We work closely with the all the leading manufacturers such as

  • Mitsubishi
  • LG
  • Daikin
  • Toshiba

We know the products suit which applications best

  • Typical systems
  • Split air conditioning
  • Multi-split air conditioning
  • VRF systems


“All the equipment we supply and install is registered on the Energy Technology List and qualifies for 100% tax allowance on the first year, on the total cost of the products and installation costs (including pipe work and electrical supply, materials, labour and design costs)”

“Our in depth understanding of the latest air conditioning systems and technologies combine with an appreciation of ‘real life’ capabilities”.