NJR Group are the Sole Importer and Service Partner in the UK for Fraccaro Radiant Solutions.

Fraccaro was founded in 1961 and today is the leading Italian company in the industrial radiant heating field, focusing on quality in every aspect of manufacture and obtaining the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification for production.

What is Radiant Heating?

Radiant heating represents the best solution to provide energy saving in industrial buildings and wide areas in general. Like the sun, it is possible to warm people from  above without any heat stratification even in very high buildings. Due to the stratification effect, the heat usually moves upwards causing a considerable loss of energy.

Fraccaro heating systems generate the ideal thermal and environmental comfort conditions at body height, together with cost saving’s and safety.

Fraccaro – Girad

The Evolution of Radiant Tube Heating.

A Girad radiant system consists of an independent gas or oil fired burner, upto 300kw output, firing a radiant belt up to 324 meters long The burner can be fixed internally or externally if required. The belts have an average temperature of 200˚C and are completely adaptable to each individual building.

Cost savings are achieved during the installation, due to the simplicity of the install and the large reduction in the amount of required gas pipe work. Large savings can also be made on the annual maintenance costs. Annual servicing takes place externally and therefore does not disrupt normal working practice.

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