Industrial / Commercial Heating Systems

NJR have 40 years of experience providing turn key solutions for all commercial or industrial heating requirements, from design through installation to maintenance. We design and install systems using gas fired warm air heaters, radiant tube heaters, water boilers, propane, oil or electric fuels. We deal with all mainstream manufactures Fraccaro, Powrmatic, Ambirad, Benson, our product knowledge, combined with our technical expertise with practical experience guarantees the right solution for your premises.

We can advise if the best solution is to upgrade, repair or refurbish current systems, in which case we will provide a full list of necessary works, a timetable for implementation and as always a competitive quotation without hidden extras.


  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Production Space
  • Office
  • Retail


  • Internal / External
  • Oil/Gas (Natural Gas/LPG) Cabinet Heaters
  • Atmospheric Gas Heaters
  • Oil Commercial Cabinet Heaters
  • Plant Room Heaters for Ducted Systems


  • Oil/Gas (Natural Gas/LPG)Unit Heaters
  • Gas “Room Sealed” Heaters
  • Gas External Heaters
  • Continuous Radiant Tube Heating Systems
  • Gas Radiant Heaters
  • Gas Warm Air Heating

Commercial Boiler Systems

The latest Condensing Boilers can lower your energy bills and help you meet your carbon targets.

Industrial and Commercial Air Curtains

Air curtains help keep the warm or cool air in your building. For a surprisingly small capital cost, they have the potential to save you up to 30% on your energy bills.

Effective for entrances up to 6m high, air curtains will not just save you money but also help cut your carbon emissions. They help maintain a comfortable environment for staff and customers, whilst allowing clear access to and from your premises.

Thermal Destratification Fans

Destratification Fans equalise air temperature throughout your premises to achieve cost savings of up to 50% for heating and 40% for cooling.

With energy prices soaring, it makes sense to make use of the heat that rises in your buildings as well.